To boldly go where no man has gone before!

The idea of Infrastructure as a Code …

The beautiful symphony of how docker, Kubernetes, terraform, helm, atlantis, grafana, prometheus … and the cloud can cooperate is something I am exploring at the moment, and I enjoy it a lot.

I do believethat the cloud, either on-premise or provider-based, is the correct movement for the future. I am interested in IaaC, PaaS, CI-CD, Architecture of Application infrastructure and I do love to automatize and kill toils with style. I love to implement the most automatic and elegant solutions possible by keeping the following:

I want to further enhance my experience in bash scripting and learn python or go maybe scala. I like to learn and use new technologies, and I am happy to work with experienced colleagues.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

Thanks to my experience in various positions in IT Service delivery, I have an excellent understanding of expectations from Service delivery out of multiple angles: Business, Operations, R&D, Management Expectations …

My more than 17 years IT journey, consists of working with Linux, or Unix like OSes and middleware applications (frontend/backend). I have healthy analytical thinking, and I can disassemble complex situations to small and better manageable tasks. I can troubleshoot and debug non-working or not documented solutions.

I understand ITIL, and I can work with and implement this methodology. I consider Agile methodologies as more suitable for the DevOps and SRE and prefer them.

If you would like to know more, visit my LinkedIn profile:


! HobbIT

Excluding IT, I enjoy exploring things and understand how they work. At home, I fix everything by myself(or at least I try so 😅), from squeaky doors and wooden shelves through broken washing machine till the latest MacBook and iPhone.

I like to go on walks, grow my own vegetables, and to garden overall. I like to cook Man Food, I am Barbeque Junkie and my burgers are legendary!

I am huge scifi genre fan, especially the ones with spaceships, space fights, alien races, new technologies … you get the point :). My favourite series are:


Oh, and I love Dragon ball Series.

I like Star Wars too, but the latest movies I consider good, but not breathtaking.

… be prepared to see references and quotes from the series above all over the place by the level OVER 9000 !



This site (maybe blog one day) is about my IT adventure and Hobbies, I am strict about the privacy of my family, I can say the following, though:

I am a father, I am a husband, and I always try to fulfil those roles the best I can. It’s a lifetime responsibility, and I am glad I decided to take it.

The beauty and happiness which comes with it by far exceed the effort you have to invest, daily. Sadly this experience is non-transferable from person to person, and no words can explain it in its pure and sincere nature.